3 Reasons To Invest In A Grain Roaster For Your Farm

If you’re considering a grain roaster for your farm, you probably already know of some of the benefits they offer. But if you’re still not completely sold, understanding the investment the machine makes to your operations can make all the difference. While grain roasters certainly can be an investment, grain roasters can benefit your farm tenfold and pay for themselves in a short amount of time. 

Why invest in a grain roaster? 

1. Your animals will immediately tell the difference in their feed 

When you roast your grains, the feed becomes more palatable to your animals, allowing them to eat a quality feed in lesser quantities, lowering the feed costs, and encouraging them to gain healthy weight. 

2. Gain renewable bedding and manage manure

Did you know that our different roaster designs are capable of more than just roasting grains? In addition to our grain roasters, we have a roaster option that can be used to roast litter, offering a solution for manure and bedding headaches. This is an environmentally friendly way to utilize both your manure and bedding that greatly reduces toxin run-off in your field and reduces the amount of waste on your farm. 

By recycling your bedding, you save trees, reduce SCC, slow the spread of disease on your farm, and offer your cows a luxurious place to rest. 

3. Protect your cattle from the effects of bad grain 

Cows are actually at risk of many negative health effects when they consume bad grain. These can include: 

  1. Poor breeding 
  2. Abortions
  3. Depressed feed intakes 
  4. Poor milk production 
  5. And health complications from toxins or mold

By grain roasting your feed, you can avoid these health risks and keep your cattle healthy for the long haul. Beef cattle can go to market up to 2 months quicker when consuming flame roasted grains, and dairy cattle produce better butter fat and increase their conception rate. 

Why get a Roast-A-Matic Grain Roaster? 

In addition to the health benefits grain roasters offer to your farm, Roast-A-Matic by Shnupp’s Grain Roasting is the partner of choice for purchasing the actual machinery. Why? 

  1. Roast-A-Matic offers digital training resources and a startup video on how to use the roaster so you know exactly how to work your machine once it’s delivered to your farm 
  2. We offer a 12-month warranty on all parts, so you can have peace of mind that your investment is covered and secure
  3. Financing options are available with our team so that you can find an affordable option for your long-term investment

Beyond that, our team has a passion for helping farmers and others in the agricultural industry to learn the product, understand its benefits, and positively impact each farm. We are always happy to answer your questions and have a tight-knit customer service team eager to help. You are a priority to us, and we never hand you off or leave you hanging. 

Get Started Today 

If you have other questions, are interested in financing options, or simply want to know what grain roaster could benefit your business, we would love to talk with you. Contact our team today and we will be in touch with you shortly! 

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