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We offer a full line of Roast-A-Matic roasters with capabilities ranging from one and a half-ton per hour to twenty tons per hour. We also build our own steeper/cooler systems for maximum grain conditioning. Our years of experience will be put to work for you, assuring that your Roast-A-Matic system will effectively and properly produce the results that make your products and company a success!

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The Model 50 is ideal for small mills or 100 cow dairies. This is also a great option for roasting dairy, deer, and poultry feed production. 

Model 200

The Model 200 is great for mid-sized mills to 150 head dairies. 

Model 400

The Model 400 roaster is ideal for larger mills and farms. This roaster is a step up from the Model 200, allowing it to roast more grains at a faster rate.

Model 800

The Model 800 roaster is ideal for large commercial mills and farms. This roaster is our most powerful option, allowing it to roast 18-20 tons of grain each hour. 

Model 5815sS

Our Model 5815SS Salt Dryer is the perfect solution for businesses in many markets looking for an economical solution to your drying needs.

Customer service and ongoing support.

Once you purchase your product, we are here to support your questions and concerns. We offer free, on-demand support, Monday through Friday, 7-5. Our team can help you troubleshoot any issues, answer your questions, and provide support with training your team on using the new machine. We can also provide you with any replacement parts or assist with items still under warranty.

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