About us

Schnupps Grain Roasting is a familyowned business that has been serving the agriculture industry since 1974, when Dale Schnupp began grain roasting. This is a process in which the soybean flows through the open flame and destroys the toxic enzymes in the raw soybean. Over the years, other products have been added to our lineup, corn, barley, wheat, oats, sorghum, and milo which are enhanced by roasting with targeted results

Custom grain roasting has expanded from one roasting unit to multiple grain roasters and coolers. We have broadened our roasting from the local area to providing service to those in the surrounding states of New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware

In 1982 Schnupps began manufacturing the RoastAMatic grain roaster, designed and constructed to give years of troublefree service, operate economically, work as efficiently as possible, and increase the profit dollars. RoastAMatic grain roasters have been sold into many states, provinces of Canada, and foreign countries. Schnupps are unique because we specialize in manufacturing roasters to fit the need of each customer

Today, the business is operated by the second and third generation of the Schnupp family, working together with outstanding service and a highquality product. Schnupps look forward to hearing from you and to have the opportunity to do personal business with you, providing assistance before, during, and after the sale. Years of experience with the RoastAMatic Grain Roasters, will reinforce the capability to give you the best product available today

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

The mission of Roast-A-Matic and Schnupp’s Grain Roasting is to glorify God by serving Him and carrying out His plan:

We believe that the success of our organization depends on our ability to bring glory to God through our combined efforts in serving our customers.


If you work with our team for your grain roasting, we offer a discount if you pay in full up front. If not, you have 30 days after the roast to pay your bill.

We invite farmers to join us on the day of the roast and request that someone be available at all times.

It depends on the volume of your roast. We generally roast between 15-20 tons per hour, so you can plan accordingly based on how much roasting will occur that day. We generally spend between 1.5-3.5 hours for a typical roast.

We always want to give accurate estimates of each product’s capacity. For example, 13% moisture in 75% of roasting time (normally clean soybeans) means that if you have 13% moisture with a clean soybean, at least 75% of the time you’ll hit 1.5 tons going through the roaster each hour with our Model 50 grain roaster. 

Meet The Team

Paul Lehman, Vice President

Technical Troubleshooting & Sales

Joel Stauffer, President


Duane Good

Custom Roasting Dispatcher

Gerald Seibel​

Shop Foreman

Michael Hursh

Electrical Technician

Nelson Zimmerman

Custom Roasting & Nutritional Info Salesman

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