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Grain Roasters

The Path to Healthier Livestock

Start with High-quality Grain for your livestock and other animals

Use a Roast-A-Matic Flame Roaster to maximize its benefits

Enjoy healthier, happier livestock and a support team every step of the way

Save money and improve profits

Choose grain-roasted feed for healthier livestock

Do your livestock have a hard time digesting soybeans, corn, barley, and more? If you’re tired of spending so much money on pretty feed and are looking for nutritional products and results from your animals, grain roasting may be the perfect solution for you. 

Save money by buying less feed and make more money through healthier, happier animals.  Your livestock will experience:

  • Better reproduction
  • Less health complications
  • Production of more milk
  • Healthy weight gain
  • A tasty aroma from the grain, even on hot summer days
  • Purified grains and less toxins in their feed

And more!

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Why Roast-a-Matic?

We Believe in Quality Craftsmanship

Since 1972, Schnupps Grain roasting has been building roasters for grain and other agricultural and commercial applications. We work with farms of all sizes from small local farms to large commercial facilities

Our Roast-A-Matic line of roasters are designed and constructed to give you years of trouble free service and operate economically and with the kind of efficiency that places them in a class of their own.

When it comes to roasters, knowing how much time you want to spend roasting and how much money you’re willing to spend on a machine will help us know which model is right for you. 

Rather have us roast?

Step 1

Connect with our team to learn more about grain roasting at your farm and what options are best for you.

Step 2

Review pricing for your roasting and schedule a time for our team to come visit your farm.

Step 3

We take care of all of the planning and logistics during our initial visit to your farm to ensure things go quickly and smoothly on the day of the roast.

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