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Industry Specific

Commercial Application

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Industry Specific

Schnupps Grain Roasting

Since 1972 Schnupps Grain roasting has been building roasters for grain and other agricultural and commercial applications. Our Roast-A-Matic line of roasters are designed and constructed to give you years of trouble free service and operate economically and with the kind of efficiency that places them in a class of their own.

We offer a full line of Roast-A-Matic roasters with capabilities ranging from one and a half ton per hour to twelve tons per hour. We also build our own steeper/cooler systems for maximum grain conditioning. Our years of experience will be put to work for you, assuring that your Roast-A-Matic system will effectively and properly produce the results that make your products and company a success!

We look forward to serving you with our outstanding grain roasting and drying equipment. As always, you will receive personal service before, during and after the sale. The years of experience we have with Roast-A-Matic Grain Roasters will reinforce our capability to give you the best product available today.