Boost production and increase your bottom line, while saving money on feed and grain cost.

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Industry Specific

Benefits of Roasting

Anyone who is in the production of livestock or poultry for profit should be feeding rations of roasted grains and high-energy roasted soybeans. From the smallest family farm to the largest cattle ranch, roasted grain feeds benefit the livestock and the owner's pocketbook.


Soybeans are naturally rich in high energy oils, naturally well balanced with body-building protein, and naturally high in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Soybeans are an important source of protein in many animal feeds. Roasting soybeans before feeding them to your stock kills mold and other contaminants and makes the beans easier to digest.



Lately corn has become a big-ticket item for roasting. It provides the benefits of an earlier harvest, and higher digestibility (research studies show that roasted corn is more digestible than raw, and energy levels increased by 13%). Flame roasting can effectively remove mold spores and reduce toxin levels that are harmful to livestock, swine and poultry.



Roasted barley will grind easier because roasting ruptures the kernel. One commercial miller stated that grinding roasted barley is 25% faster than raw barley. This saves time and grinding costs.



Roasted wheat is one of the best cereal grains to use for feed and organic wheat is commonly available. Roasted wheat is a good source of starch for energy and moderate source of protein. The protein of wheat is highly digestible and generally of high quality. Any variety of wheat, can be fed to birds, although some are slightly more digestible than others.