Roasted Grain For Poultry

Roasting beans and corn for poultry produces excellent benefits, better health grade and yield, while enhancing the broilers' flavor.

Commercial egg layers value the linoletic acid in full-fat soybeans to aid in egg size and the body weight of laying hen and also helps maintain production during times of stress. Commercial egg layers maintain a better and longer lay with fine quality eggs, from producer to consumer, with a savings of four pounds of feed per one hundred head per day. Egg size on #1 Large outrank expected production on unroasted grain.

Why? Fat content of whole soybeans is a huge source of concentrated energy. Breeders have better production, hatchability and livability. Chicks, ducklings and goslings are more contented, healthier and happier when fed roasted grains where molds are destroyed and toxins are retarded.