Custom Roasting

Anyone who is in the production of livestock or poultry should be feeding rations of roasted grains and high-energy roasted soybeans.

The purpose of roasting grain is to increase the nutritional value of the grain. As the grain passes through the Roast-A-Matic open flame, the molds are destroyed and the toxins are reduced to safe levels. The cell walls of the grain are ruptured to increase digestibility, making the nutrients readily available to the animal. Also, the toxic enzymes are destroyed in the soybeans and bypass protein is increased.

Advantages of Custom Roasting

Custom Roasting Process

We bring our own portable unit to your farm or mill (within a three and half hour radius). Our unit is self contained, carrying its own propane and generator for the roaster.

Once we're set up in an area convenient to you, the roasting operation will flow continuously and we can roast up to 12 tons per hour. The grain is augered into the front of the roasting drum, and after it passes through the roaster, it is transferred to the cooler. When it has passed through the cooler it is then augered to your truck, wagon, or storage bin.