Benefits of Roasting Corn

Here lately, corn has become a big-ticket item for roasting. It provides the benefits of an earlier harvest, and higher digestibility (research studies show that roasted corn is more digestible than raw, and energy levels increased by 13%). Flame roasting can effectively remove mold spores and reduce toxin levels that are harmful to livestock, swine and poultry.

The process of taking corn and other small grains are roasted, then ground fine for TMR (total mixed rations), is gaining momentum everywhere. The roasting process gives corn a "caramelized" flavor that livestock really seem to enjoy. Roasting is extremely helpful for feed, and roasting is a convenient way of salvaging "feed quality" grain out of stored corn that may have accumulated a few pockets of spoilage in storage. Any many different livestock producers are rapidly coming on board, too, perhaps because roasting the corn improves taste. This lets farmers eliminate the flavor enhancers often needed to encourage maximum daily feed intake.