About Our Company

We started the company in 1972 by doing custom grain roasting for local farmers. In 1982 we incorporated and also began building our own superior design of roasters under the name Roast-A-Matic Grain Rosters. Over the years we have sold Roast-A-Matic Grain roasters to individuals and companies in most of the states and provinces and several foreign countries. The custom roasting part of our business has grown from one roasting unit to five units and has spread from the local area to providing services for the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Our Company President, Joel Stauffer or General Manager Paul Lehman would love to talk with you by phone or visit with you in person at our office in order to meet your roasting needs most efficiently.

Mission Statement

The mission of Roast-A-Matic and Schnupp's Grain Roasting is to glorify God by serving Him and carrying out His plan:

We believe that the success of our organization depends on our ability to bring glory to God through our combined efforts in serving our customers.